To be able to make over 3 Bitcoins in less than 60 days will require you to sponsor 4 people who are willing to do the same. We are going to be advertising to get the right kind of people so everyone can make money.

If you want to have us advertise for you we will. This will be different than other advertising as we will only allow 4 people per group so we can get more sign ups for each member. Although we cannot guarantee the results they should be much better than past advertising were we had up to 50 members at a time.

We did our best to keep the cost down so if you want to participate then it will be only $50 per person. You may purchase more than one seat (up to 4 seats) and if you do we will put you into another groups of 4 for each seat. There will only be 4 per group period. This should work much better than other advertising types including co-ops due to the small number of people to divide the leads and sign ups. Again there can be no refunds for advertising but Roger and I are looking forward to this campaign.

Good luck and lets all start making a lot of Bitcoin!
You May Purchase Up To 4 Seats/Slots And Only 4 People Per Group Will Be Advertised To Maximize Your Results.